InGOS Datasets and Release

The InGOS Data Center is split between three locations. The Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l’Environnement, France (CEA/IPSL), the Università degli Studi della Tuscia, Italy (UNITUS) and the Norwegian Institute for Air Research, Norway (NILU).

The overall goal of this service activity is to provide data to scientists and other user groups with access to the InGOS infrastructure data. This service activity aims at developing a long term sustainable data centre, giving free and open access to all data resulting from the activities of the infrastructure network.

Due to the heterogeneity of the data collected and the different expertises, the InGOS Data Centre comprises three data centres. The CH4 , SF6, N2O and H2 concentration measurements is provided here by CEA, and the ecosystem fluxes and ancillary variables will be provided by UNITUS, and the halocarbons data are provided by NILU. The main services of InGOS SA1 include the generation of documented and harmonized data:

  • Near real time data, coming from the different stations in a unique file format, collected once a day. Data are in geophysical units, corrected for drift and other sources of error using calibration data. The acquisition data frequency is station dependent, but the collected data is automatically processed into hourly concentration products. If quality control flags are set on the data by the PIs, they will be translated into a common set of flags. For individuals inside the project, as site managers, these data allow them to quickly check the validity of their measurements.
  • Validated level 2 data, provided every 6 months, are produced by the station PIs after a manual check of their data. Ecosystem data are also gap filled and corrected with advanced methods. The data sampling frequency is the same as the one for near real time data. As for near real time data, they will are automatically processed into hourly concentration products and common set of flags will be used whenever possible.

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